Body Worlds ~ Let’s Go!

BodyWorlds Headshot

Body Worlds exhibit

Field Trip!   Gather up family and friends – we’re visiting  “Body Worlds and the Brain” at OMSI in Portland Oregon on Sunday January 22, 2012. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to go see the Body Worlds exhibit with a bunch of people who study movement? Martial artists, dancers, Feldies, yogis – come one come all.

The focus of this exhibit is on the brain, and if you haven’t seen a Body World’s exhibit before, it’s a very interesting and fascinating way to observe the human body, a unique experience. Here is a brief description and a link for those of you who are not familiar with the exhibit:

“Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS & The Brain

includes more than 200 authentic human specimens and highlights neuroscience, brain development and performance. Through respectful, aesthetic displays, this all-new exhibition invites intensive study and profound reflection on the power, beauty, and fragility of the human body”

The deadline for discounted tickets has passed but you can still come with us!
 Here’s what to do…

1. Contact OMSI directly to reserve your tickets and request the designated date and time  of January 22, 10am. Then meet up with us on-site at OMSI.
2. Send an email to Tell us you want to go to Body Worlds with Space To Move!
This trip is organized by Suzane Van Amburgh of Space To Move & Multnomah Aikikai.