Dr Stuart Brown on the importance of play.

National Institute for play:

From Play to Innovation:

If you don’t understand human movement, you won’t really understand yourself or play. If you do, you will reap the benefits of play in your body, personal life and work situations.  Learning about self movement structures an individual’s knowledge of the world – it is a way of knowing, and we actually, through movement and play, think in motion. For example the play-driven movement of leaping upward is a lesson about gravity as well as one’s body. And it lights up the brain and fosters learning. Innovation, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, have their roots in movement. The play driven pleasures associated with exploratory body movements, rhythmic early speech (moving vocal cords), locomotor and rotational activity – are done for their own sake; pleasurable, and intrinsically playful. They sculpt the brain, and ready the player for the unexpected and unusual.

Excerpted from National Institute for play:

Frank Forencich is a partner at the National Institute of Play. He is author of Exuberant Animal and Change Your Body, Change the World. Exuberant Animal is the creation of Frank Forencich. The philosophy is animated by a set of overlapping themes:

  • Engagement, full-participation and high-performance. In martial art culture, this quality is known as zanshin.
  • Robust physicality, functional movement training, embodied cognition, social games and play.
  • A holistic perspective that includes, not only mind, body and spirit, but also essential elements of community and nature.
  • A growth orientation; the belief that minds, bodies and behaviors can continue to progress through training and practice.


3 Responses to “Treats”

  1. spacetomove Says:

    Check out Original Play and the events held in the Northwest:

  2. spacetomove Says:

    “Our right hemisphere thinks in pictures and it learns kinesthetically through the movement in our bodies”

    – Dr. Jill Taylor, neuroanatomist, see for her 18 minute lecture.

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