Rosen Method Movement

Rosen Method movement classes are fun and easy!

Set to music, these easy, unhurried movements are designed to improve alignment and flexibility. They also increase range of motion, ease of breathing, and deepen awareness of the body. These movements are done individually as well as in a circle or with partners.

Marion Rosen developed this form of exercise to prevent physical difficulties before they arise and to help her clients feel better and age gracefully. The Movement teacher takes the students in the class through a series of exercises designed to use all the joints, especially those not used in day-to-day life, to make sure the synovial fluid continues to lubricate them. These movements may be adapted to those who experience pain or have physical limitations.

Rosen movement offers a vision of health and well-being that enables us to live openly and fully. It has achieved international recognition for its demonstrated ability to alleviate muscular tension and pain, in addition to improving posture, flexibility and self-esteem. Rosen movement classes facilitate pleasure and ease in movement for people of all ages and walks of life. Classes are preventive as well as restorative. The movements open the chest and free the diaphragm so oxygen can circulate freely to all the tissues of the body. Circulation is increased in all joints through loosening the muscles as they are moved through their available range of motion. The addition of music makes the movements more like dancing, and thus more complex and fun, allowing the development of greater balance and coordination. Rosen Method movement creates the experience of relaxation and well-being in action. Participants find new vitality, joy, and ease in their bodies.

The description above is excerpted from the Rosen Method website:

Classes and workshops are offered in Roberts Creek BC Canada. For a list of upcoming events visit:


Rosen Method Movement Classes:

Sechelt BC:
Phone Lucy Ennis 604-885-7873 for more info.

Surrey , BC:
Phone Pat Hepper 604-535-3685 for more info.

Seattle WA
at  Gilda’s Club, (at Broadway and Union),
Wednesdays 12:30 to 1:30 pm. No charge.
Phone John Swaner 206-329-3953 or Cameron Justam 206-723-4647



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