Dance resources, classes, and events…

Portland Oregon:

Artslandia Dance page displays links to dance venues in the Portland area:

A-Wol: Aerial without limits! Dance classes for adults and teens in NE Portland:

Bouand Dance Company:

Bodyvox dance classes for  Kids and Adults:

Conduit in Portland Oregon. Contemporary dance, contact improv. Ongoing classes and special workshops:

Dance Coalition Oregon. Events, classes, resources:

Do Jump! teaches classes for adults and kids. Aerial arts, trapeze, acrobatics, more:

Momentum: Conscious Movement, Soul Motion. Wheeler and Chavez offer weekly classes, workshops. Learn more:

Northwest Dance Project:

Pendulum Dance Theatre  based in Portland Oregon performs and offers classes in aerial dance:

Play After Play at the Brooklyn Bay:

Polaris Dance Theatre: :


Viscount Dance studios:

Seattle  Washington:

Dance community in the Seattle area:

Velocity Dance Center offers classes in ballet, modern, hip hop, and Movement Arts Research. See all their classes:

The annual Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI), featuring classes, jams, performances and discussions with local, national and international dance artists. The event supports innovative dance research, education and performance. For more information about Dance Art Group/ Movement Arts Research visit:

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4 Responses to “Dance”

  1. spacetomove Says:

    Check on Salsa festivals world wide at:

  2. Sarah Riddle Says:

    Sarah, and all the instructors associated with the Viscount, take running the Studios very seriously as it is one of Portland’s longest standing dance institutions! They believe that people learn to dance for the fun of it, and that the Viscount should be a safe place for experimenting, making mistakes, building friendships, and enjoying the learning process. We believe that the student always comes first and that instructors are only as good as the smile on their students faces.

  3. spacetomove Says:

    Who teaches Hula? Find classes in Hula, Latin dance, yoga and more at “xyz movement arts” Friday Harbor WA:

  4. Reed Horaney Says:

    I have family that has moved to the Portland area and it sounds like with your philosophy would be a great place to check into. I highly recommend aerial classes for flexibility and strength. (besides the beauty)

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