Aikido in Portland, Oregon

Aikido in the Portland metro area.

The schools listed below offer quality Aikido instruction to the greater Portland community. We encourage you to click on the links to read more about each school.

These six aikido dojos come together once a year in the spirit of friendship for a day of training to benefit the Oregon Food Bank.  Although the dojos have engaged in “Friendship Seminars” for years, this annual community event was conceived and first hosted by Two Rivers Aikikai in 2006. Budo Dojo took photographs during the seminar and created this gallery (click here).

Since then, the following dojos have hosted this annual benefit event:

2007, Multnomah Aikikai

2008, Portland Aikikai

2009, Aikido Northwest

2010, Budo Dojo

The six participating aikido schools in the Portland Oregon area:

Aikido Northwest, Milwaukie:

Budo Dojo , Beaverton:

Ecole de Budo, North Portland:

Multnomah Aikikai, Southwest Portland:

Portland Aikikai, Northwest Portland:

Two Rivers Aikikai, Southeast Portland:


In April 2011 Martial arts instructors of the Portland area came together to raise funds for the people of Japan affected by the great earthquake of March 2011. The event was initiated by Allen Beebe Sensei, who has family in Sendai Japan. Two Rivers Aikikai hosted the event. Participants included the Aikido schools above, instructors from Obukan Judo, Obukan Kendo and Brazilian Ju jutsu instructor from Ecole De Budo:

April 17, 2011: Budo Benefit for Japan Aid, a seminar to benefit the Oregon Japan Relief fund, 10am-6pm, held at Two Rivers Aikikai. Please join us for a day of friendly Budo instruction to raise funds for those in great need in Japan. Local instructors offer classes in Brazilian jujutsu, aikido, kendo, and judo. Donations will be directed to The Oregon Japan Relief Fund via Mercy Corp.

Aikido Friendship Seminar 2006*****************************************************************************************

 The Portland metro area is rich with Aikido schools. Here are more local dojos:

Bridgetown Aikido, NE Portland:

Forest Grove Aikido:

View Aikido seminars in OR, WA and BC (scroll to bottom of page):

Some aikido events are also listed periodically on the home page.

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  1. spacetomove Says:

    Aikido events other than the Annual Friendship Seminar are listed here:

    Some aikido events are also listed periodically on the home page.

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