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Movement is good for human beings!

We move in so many different ways and our sense of life is diminished when we lose the ability to move freely. Movement is essential to learning, health and happiness.

Through the joy of regular movement practice people live happier healthier lives, perpetually aspiring to express their highest potential.  From this state people are better able to live in peace with each other and collaborate well to create projects that change the world for the better.

Movement arts professionals inspire people to discover and enjoy a movement practice. Business owners, self-employed professionals and non-profit organizations supporting this community are key collaborators in manifesting the vision.

Space To Move fosters collaborative projects among movement arts professionals and the business community.

Programs under the auspices of Space To Move:

Move Forward: Project planning and communications strategy. Learn more…

Balance and Coordination: Lessons in human movement. Learn more…

Movement Arts Northwest: Serving the movement arts professionals of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia by providing increased exposure, new business and expanded awareness of each other to foster a thriving community. Projects underway include on-line Directory, 20 Year Circle, and Wisdom Exchange.

Space To Move encourages people to learn about the movement arts, practice regularly and inspire each other so that we may all thrive.

copyright 2007

– Suzane Van Amburgh
Founder of Space To Move®

Contact Suzane directly by writing in the reply form below, call to leave a message at 503-683-2275, or send email to movementartsnorthwest (at) gmail (dot) com.
Please send me your comments about the site using the reply form below…


3 Responses to “Vision”

  1. spacetomove Says:

    What are your top 5 professional concerns these days?

    How can we make this organization an excellent resource for you?

    Please submit a comment using the reply form (or send email directly to movementartsnorthwest at gmail dot com)


  2. Lara Jones Says:

    I came across your Twitter feed and am interested in learning more about Movement Arts Northwest. My husband and I are Martial Arts practitioners who have run numerous (fitness) outreach programs for years throughout greater Portland under the umbrella heading of “Movement Arts” (see our mission statement on our site-see link:

    We very recently have opened our own Kung Fu school/CrossFit Gym in Hillsdale, and are hoping to continue with outreach and connecting with the larger Movement Arts scene in Portland.

  3. spacetomove Says:

    Hi Lara, Thanks for stopping by the site! Feel free to post your special events on the Movement Arts calendar page. It’s just like leaving a comment as you did here. I’ll approve and post. Do you have a Kung Fu beginners series starting soon?
    Suzane Van Amburgh, Space To Move

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