A Change of Focus…

To date, the homepage of Movement Arts Northwest has displayed a compilation/ selection of upcoming Movement Arts events held in the Pacific Northwest. I am now going to change the focus of the front homepage.

I still encourage you to post your events within the movement arts categories listed in the left-hand sidebar! I am happy to post your event listings. Simply choose the category/ movement art most applicable and submit a comment. Write as you would address a prospective participant/attendee/student. Please include a web link in your listing. I will read your submission, check that your link is working and  I will approve the comment for display (as long as it is an appropriate posting). Thank you to all who have participated in posting events.

This site will continue to be a resource for movement arts events in the Pacific Northwest as content is generated by users.  The events calendar is in your hands, gentle readers!

More movement arts!

Do you see a missing category? Please submit your ideas for movement arts that belong in the list. Send in an article describing the art you enjoy. Write an educational  “What is ____” description of the art/ practice along with some links to relevant sites based in OR, WA or BC Canada.

Move, learn, practice, train, center, refresh, breathe and thrive!

Suzane Van Amburgh

movementartsnorthwest (at) gmail.com





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