Aikido Seminar, Oct. 24-25, Eugene Oregon

Aikido Seminar

We are pleased to announce that the Pacific Northwest Regional Seminar with T.K.Chiba Shihan and Archie Champion Sensei will be held October 24th & 25th at Eugene Aikikai. Classes will begin at 1:30 pm on Saturday and at 9:00 am on Sunday. Full details are listed on the website:

As the seminar will, no doubt fill up quickly, we encourage everyone to take advantage of our advance registration schedule. Attendees must register in advance for this seminar. There will be no registration at the door. The dates and costs for advance registration are as follows:

September 1st – 15th $ 100.

September 16th – 30th $ 110.

For the seminar, we are offering both online registration through our website, as well as a paper registration using a downloadable form, from the same website. More complete details about venue and registration visit:

Learn more:

What is Aikido?

Who is Chiba, 8th dan, Shihan?

Who is Champion, 6th dan, Shidoin?


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