Cross-pollination Collaboration Creativity

Collaboration and innovation across disciplines.

We are more similar than we are different, and we can work together to create new opportunities for ourselves here in the Pacific Northwest. I submit for your consideration the statements of these two people below. The first is Nicole Mion, Artistic Director of Springboard and Curator of the Fluid Festival in Calgary Canada. The second is Mane Rok, recently interviewed in Denver Colorado’s Westword newspaper.

1) These are the words of Nicole Mion, Artistic Director of Springboard and Curator of the Fluid Festival:

“When it comes to the arts — from classical ballet to Greek tragedy to krumping — we are confronted with ourselves. Art has the capacity to expand our consciousness and bring us to new levels of insight on life. It’s not just a performance or experience, it is gathering with like-minded people around an experience that we all love. The physical body in contemporary performance is real. It’s visceral, passionate and full of surprises.

That live experience — of being connected in an honest, open, engaged sort of way — is what makes these artful moments seem “really, really real.” And it’s this experience — this authentic experience — that the Fluid Festival is all about.

The Fluid Festival encourages people to see that there’s less difference between each form of art than we think. Theatre, music, dance, visual art — they are animated by the same spirit of human creativity.

I believe that all the shows I chose for this year’s festival ( 2008 ) are great examples of blurring the line between disciplines and looking at the physical in many different ways. They will provide you with a feeling of authenticity by connecting with you, the audience, on a basic, emotional level.”

Here’s the About statement for Springboard:

Springboard is a non-profit organization, devoted to connecting artists, mediums, audiences, the body and the mind through physical contemporary creation.

Committed to facilitating artist and audience development, illuminating process and craft, and inspiring creation, Springboard encourages groundbreaking methods of envisioning, representing, and responding to contemporary life.

With a focus on collaborative exploration, Springboard seeks to enrich contemporary creative practice through performance, new media, and creation residencies using a multi-disciplinary platform.


2) Mane Rok was interviewd by Eryc Eyl, published Feb 11, 2009 in Denver’s Westword newspaper. Here is an excerpt:

…It wasn’t long until the topic of cross-pollination — a recurring theme in my recent conversations with Denver artists — reared its head. Cross-pollination among musical genres (i.e., getting the hip-hop kids to rock shows and vice versa) is always an opportunity. However, cross-pollination among divergent art forms has even more exciting potential. Not only does it bring together different kinds of artists to increase creativity and collaboration, but it also brings together different kinds of art lovers who just might find something new that they never thought they’d like.

Mane Rok has some exciting ideas about how to bring different arts together. “I think 2009 is the year for everyone in the Denver arts comunity — visual artists, movement artists, theatrical artists, musical artists, writers, designers, comedians, clowns, jugglers and mimes — to come up with ways to build bridges from one scene or community to another. Not only will it raise the bar for all of us, but it will also help us all reach the followers who don’t even know they’re waiting to be found.”

Full article here:


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